How to Decorate Your Campsite – 15 Ideas to Try


When most people think of camping, they probably imagine toughing it out in the great outdoors, with very few decorations or amenities. However, it doesn’t have to be this way, and adding a few decorations to your campsite can make it a lot more fun for you and your group. If you’re wondering how to decorate a camping tent or campsite, we’ve got the solution for you in the guide below.

1. Hang Up Some String Lights

String lights are an easy decoration idea that will leave your campsite with a nice, warm glow. You can tie them all around your campsite between trees, or you can just use them to create a little bit of light around your tent or RV.

When you’re shopping for string lights, make sure you grab some that are both waterproof and rated for outdoor use. There will be plenty of styles and colors for you to choose from depending on the look you want to go with.

string lights

2. Lay Out An Outdoor Rug

The bottom of a camping tent and the ground in front of it can look pretty plain if left alone. One way to make it look a little nicer is by laying out some outdoor rugs. They can add some nice color to your campsite and also serve as a spot where you can take off your shoes, which will keep your tent cleaner.

outdoor rug

3. Spice Up Your Picnic Table

Most picnic tables you’ll find at your standard campsite are either plain looking or outright disgusting. Laying a decorative tablecloth or blanket over it will make the table look much nicer. Nice dinnerware and some napkins from home are ways you can glamp up the table even further.

If you’re going somewhere without a picnic table, bringing a small one might be a good idea. There are plenty of small, portable options out there that will fold up easily in your car.

picnic table

4. Hang a Colorful Hammock

If you’re camping in an area with lots of forest, hanging up a hammock on a nearby tree can both be a way to decorate your campsite and have a nice place to relax.

Even better, camping hammocks are lightweight, easy to store, and come in a wide variety of colors. Just make sure to check the campground rules first if you’re staying at a larger campsite, as this can sometimes do damage to the trees.


5. Outdoor Pillows

Bringing a few outdoor pillows is an easy way to spice up the comfort and decor of any campsite. They’re also as versatile as it gets, as you can put them in your hammock, camping chairs, or inside your tent/rv.

Try buying some with a cool texture, pattern, or color to take their style to the next level.


6. Decorative Glasses and Mugs

Whether you’re hiking, relaxing by the campfire, or eating at the picnic table, you’re probably going to have a glass with a drink in it by your side. Why not pack something a little more festive like plastic wine glasses or colored cups? They’ll make it a lot more fun when you’re enjoying a drink with your fellow campers.

wine glasses

7. A Portable Fire Pit

While your campsite might already have a campfire, a fire pit is a great addition if not. It can be used to cook dinner, roast s’mores, and provide warmth around the campsite. Fire pits are sometimes a bit tougher to transport, but there are portable options out there.

fire pit

8. Put Up Some Tiki Torches

Few things scream camping like setting up a bunch of tiki torches around your campsite. They’ll add a fun, tribal feel to your camping environment, and the flames will also help keep the bugs away at night.

If you’re camping with family, kids, or having a larger party, they’re definitely something that should be added to your packing list.

tiki torches

9. Set Up Camp Chairs Around Your Tent

Unless you’re planning on sitting on the ground or some wooden logs, foldable camp chairs will be a great thing to bring for your next camping trip.

You can set them up around the campfire for a nice, cozy night, or sit with a coffee and a few friends while you watch the sunrise. Camp chairs will go a long way to making the space look more inviting.

camp chairs

10. Colorful Outdoor Blankets

Packing a few outdoor blankets is an easy way to add style to your campsite. You can throw them over yourself to keep warm while sitting in a chair or hammock outside, and put them on top of your sleeping bag if it’s a cold night.

Choose one with a fun pattern or some bright colors to add a festive element to your campsite.

outdoor blanket

11. Put Up a Campsite Canopy or Umbrella

A canopy or umbrella will add some shade to your campsite, which is super important if you’re staying in a sunny space with lots of natural light. Get creative with the patterns and coloring for another great addition to your campsite decorations.


12. Flags and Streamers

Hanging up some pennants, flags, or streamers as campsite decorations can add a lot of zest and color to the space. If you brought any kids on the trip with you, letting them hang them up on your lights or trees can be a fun activity for them.


13. An Outdoor Movie Projector

One of the most fun ways to relax around the camp at night might be to put up a projector and throw on one of your favorite movies. Bonus points if you brought some chairs and a few friends to watch with you. Be careful though, because your camp might just become a favorite attraction for other campers!


14. Pack Some Books

For the more homebody type that’s still decided to take a camping trip, reading is a great way to pass the time. A small stack of books can also make a nice decoration for the inside of your tent or laid out on a table.


15. Bring a Speaker and Play Some Music

While not technically a decoration, playing some good music around the camp will spread fun vibes and make the space feel like home. Get one that’s both waterproof and portable so that you can enjoy some tunes no matter what the weather is.



Camping can be whatever you make of it. While some people might prefer their campsite to be hard and rugged, a few well-placed campsite decorations will make the atmosphere feel cozy. We hope this guide has given you some good campsite decorating ideas that you can use on your next trip. Happy camping!


How to Hang Lights in a Camping Tent?

The easiest way to hang lights in a camping tent is to get some string lights and wrap them around the inner part of the tent frame.

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