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When I launched The Camping Buddy, I wanted to create a different kind of camping website.  I’ve been camping, hiking, and living outdoors around the world now for over 20 years.

While it’s been the most fulfilling time of my life, I can’t say that it was always easy.  Between buying overpriced or shoddy equipment and being completely unprepared for the environment I was in, you could say that I had my fair share of learning experiences. 

A lot of people out there might just be looking to sell you whatever will turn them the biggest profit, which is why I’m here to steer you in the right direction.  When it’s done right, camping can be a beautiful experience, and I want everyone who comes across this site to have that.

Hunter Johnson

Founder. CEO

Meet The Team

Meet our team of camping professionals.

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Hunter Johnson

Founder & CEO
Hunter is the founder & CEO of The Camping Buddy. With over 20 years of camping experience, and tired of watching people be ripped off by poor products, he decided to create the info source he wished he had when he was younger. Hunter’s favorite camping spot is the Rocky Mountains.
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Stacy Morrison

Head of Operations
Stacy is Head of Operations for The Camping Buddy, handling our social media accounts and brand partnerships. Stacy is an avid hiker and spends most of her weekends out on the trails and mountains. Her favorite camping spot is on the Delaware River.
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Carl Wallace

Content Writer
Carl is a content writer for The Camping Buddy, specializing in informational camping articles and product reviews. Carl has been a freelance writer for outdoor news sites while spending his time backpacking across the world. His favorite camping spot is Malaekahana Beach in Hawaii.


Office Address: 430 Park Ave, 15th Floor, New York, NY, 10022
Email: info@thecampingbuddy.com

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